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Try us for any type of loan – For a no obligation appraisal of your situation, simply contact us and we’ll get back to your within 24 hours with some surprising results!Most of the Loan Types that we process: If you want a different loan type that is not on this list, we still may be able to help you.

1. Home Loans: Basic You have basic features with a reduced interest rate. Very popular and provide a great alternative to borrowers that don’t require the ‘bells and whistles’ that the ‘standard’ products provide.

Standard Variable Your standard variable home loan offers more flexible options than the basic product. Can be structured to be part variable and part fixed. Can offer good features such as off-set accounts, additional payments, salary crediting, redraw facilities, top ups, construction loans and fixed rate options.

Fixed Rate You have security in the event of interest rate rises. However, taking a fixed rate loan can mean that you may be paying a higher rate than the current variable rate and if rates fall. Some clients, due to personal situations such as employment, family and higher financial commitments want predicability in their loan repayments. But, some banks will let you have additional payments on fixed rate term loans.

All in One A current trend is for borrowers to use their home loan as their everyday bank account and have income paid directly into their loan. Surplus funds can be withdrawn as required so that your money is making use of reducing interest charges for the time that it is held in your loan account.

2. Investment Loans Investment loans build wealth by borrowing to invest in shares, property or other assets. If you want to accelerate your wealth and save taxes by leveraging your investments, our range of investment loans can help you. As with home loans there are many types of loans available.

3. Construction Loans You’ve bought your dream home location! Now it’s time to build. You can make interest only payments while you are building. The same types of loans are available as from home loans.

4. Land Loans Residential Land Loans allow you to purchase land if you intend to build a home within a certain period of time. When you are ready to build, you finance this with any one of our home loans. The Residential Land Loan offers a competitive interest rates and flexible features, so you can start paying off your loan while you plan your home.

5. First Home Buyers Offers similar rates and features as our home loans. Use your First Home Owners Grant and/or monetary gifts as part of your deposit.

6. Refinancing Loans Maybe your current interest rate is too high? Want to save some money? Then we may be able to refinance you into a lower interest rate loan with better terms, even after considering penalty payouts.

7. Equity Loans These revolving lines of credit are the most flexible of all but are not for everyone. But if you are a good money manager and have a sizeable deposit or equity in your existing home… a home equity loan can have many advantages.

8. Line of Credit You can have a Line of Credit with a revolving loan that lets you reuse the difference between the approved loan amount and the amount outstanding, at any time. A bit like a cedit card. This type of loan is very popular as it give flexibility to use funds for investments, cars, home renovations and others.

9. Self Employed Loans Depending on the bank, you’ll need to provide accountant’s financials, or go for the low doc or non conforming loans.

10. Debt Consolidation Loans Roll your cars loans, credit card, and other loans into your home loan and reduce your interest payable.

11. Professional Packages Loans Take advantage of you professional practice and participate in lower interest rates and better terms.

12. Low Doc Loans Cuts down the paperwork and makes it easier for business owners to qualify.

13. Non Conforming Loans Available if you have an impaired credit rating, are a business owner, have unusual deposit sources or are a welfare recipient.

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